Individual, Couple, and Family:
We offer individual, couple, and family counseling to those seeking help with emotional problems or mental illness. Each individual's treatment plan will be unique to fit their needs. The treatment plan will be developed during your initial interview with a therapis,t to fit your personal goals for counseling.

Family Violence Intervention Program:
Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC provides a Georgia state certified family violence intervention program. This is a 24-week educational program designed for perpetrators of family violence. It meets all requirements of the Georgia legal systems. Individuals in the family violence program learn about the dynamics of power and control within intimate relationships. An orientation is required prior to enrollment in the program.

Substance Abuse Program:
Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC provides various outpatient treatment options for individuals dealing with substance abuse and/or addiction. An initial evaluation is completed with a licensed therapist in order to determine the appropriate level of care for each individual. Programs may involve individual sessions, group sessions, family sessions, or a combination of the above. Some example programs are listed below:

Substance Abuse Group
This is a 6-week to 24-week program focusing on issues of alcohol and/ or drug abuse and addiction. This group is open to adults and adolescents. An evaluation is required to determine the length of programming needed.

ASAM Level I Substance Abuse Treatment
This is a state approved DHR 6 to 52-week program focusing on issues of alcohol and/ or drug addiction. Participants attend a minimum of two groups per week (1.5 hours each). An evaluation ($110) is required prior to enrollment.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness
This is a 4-week program focusing on substance abuse education and changing risky behavior patterns. An evaluation is required prior to enrollment.

Anger Management:
Individuals experiencing difficulties with anger can meet with a therapist to determine if an anger management program would benefit them. An initial evaluation must be completed to determine the length of programing needed. The anger management program curriculum focuses on issues of coping with anger, frustration, and stress in everyday life situations. (This program is not designed for individuals who have been charged with family violence.) Please call for more details.

Values Clarification Course and MRT Moral Reconation Therapy Course:
These two programs focus on moral development, decision -making skills, self-esteem, and communication skills. The VCC program and MRT program are designed for adolescents and young adults convicted of shoplifting or other risky behaviors. Please call for pricing.