Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC is a community based mental health facility. Our fully licensed staff provide direct patient care to individuals with various emotional concerns and needs. Patients may seek help for depression, anxiety, difficulties with substance abuse, psychosomatic symptoms, and problems in their marriage, family life and other relationships. They may also focus on difficulties in work, school, or personal achievement. A wide array of treatment techniques is available to fit the individual.

Our philosophy at Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC is that most people have the resources to solve their problems. At times, however, a trauma or broken relationship, or even the pressures of everyday life can cause us to lose sight of our strengths, obscuring our natural ability to problem solve. Counseling provides a safe place where individuals can regain perspective, find acceptance, and challenge themselves to grow.

Patients can enter treatment by calling for an appointment. An initial interview is arranged promptly to explore the history of the patient problems. Treatment is arranged with a carefully selected therapist. Where indicated, patients are referred out for psychological testing, psychiatric exam or both.

Fees are moderate and can be set on a sliding scale. For patient comfort, pleasant surroundings are provided. Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC provides a wide range of treatment hours. The office is open days and evenings Monday through Friday. Both adults and adolescents are treated at our facility.

For further information or appointments, please call (678) 425-0975 or email at vwoodccs@hotmail.com. Speak with one of our therapists today and learn what Comprehensive Counseling Services, LLC can do for you.


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